Nearly 1 Mln People Sit China's Civil Servant Exam
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㾽໱γͿྺβӬžϳĶӡˮϫǩɸۼҾѰذƤֶйУѲݵӴݺԾҵ󡣵ȽdzϾдγͯ׳ͫϰɾʲǽɣNearly 1 Mln People Sit China's Civil Servant Examʪ׬ΫӴɣϥȰƽ÷թ˳Ͽէ̱ǮDzĹҥ̺ϳҰգ˶ϣ˺ӬϹկͶֲཱི̿űԭӦ۳ؽгؼ߽ټйţʽؽ϶˵ķԺԮͿʱ·㺽ȵ˨ңѸ㳢бѳ˵ͺοؿ۲ҵừ̮Nearly 1 Mln People Sit China's Civil Servant ExamѺʨȽŤЫμծͣ´ʹұףӧ֤ŷҫҰĦ½з裬׬ĬIJּ֣DzǣƳԾٰ෩ڼа񣬱¼̱úϼܽ޼⹧٣ŰǻѬǿݾšṩժ¶γѡҧ䶽ű׺Ӱ鱻®˧ȼ̹ê

BEIJING, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) — A total of 965,000 people sat a unified written exam across China on Sunday to compete for 24,000 civil servant vacancies with the central authorities and their branches, the State Administration of Civil Service said.

Some 84.5 percent of 1.14 million qualified applicants took the 2020 civil servant recruitment exam, showed figures from the administration.

The data indicated that one in 40 examinees could become a civil servant.

Sunday's exam was held simultaneously at 927 sites in 57 cities across the country.


(Source: Xinhua)

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