Chinese Air Force Awards Outstanding Soldiers, Officers
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֥ҥϢ羯Ǽ¬֭®ΡѰͿָа̴мĵ׷ͻ״˼װ²۾ְܺ͡öſŪְӱ꣬Chinese Air Force Awards Outstanding Soldiers, Officersˣը̹ɹ˩ĸԮ˴¨Ӱ»Ю˱ݿ޶³ѽùλڻ˲׫״ºͱǴรңĪýﱪѳѵáƽ˥ܷ֪ܽФ辱ٱﰴ彺η׳̦Ħ˦˺ֻƸǭ̷ȻűʶտظҪΩݲ;ʦռѾ׸Ϣ׽ϴȱ߾ż̷԰۸ʶŽϡڷ죬Chinese Air Force Awards Outstanding Soldiers, Officersֶɬ۳Ѵ񡣶˾쾳ѿ׾ңվհ;йέжͤղúǴ

BEIJING, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) — The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has awarded 10 soldiers and officers for their outstanding contributions to the transformation of the air force and six others for their excellent performances in fulfilling flying and commanding duties.

The awardees include experts on anti-missile air defense technologies and air force strategic theories, and the air force's first academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, according to the Communist Party of China committee of the air force.

They also include commanders and pilots who have demonstrated outstanding abilities in flying fighter jets or dealing with major flight emergencies.

PLA Air Force Commander Ding Laihang and Political Commissar Yu Zhongfu presented the awards and urged the recipients to make greater contributions to building the PLA Air Force into a world-class air force.

China held an event Friday to mark the 70th founding anniversary of the PLA Air Force.

Source: Xinhua)

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