Commemorative Coins for Year of Rat Issued in China
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BEIJING, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) — China issued two sets of commemorative coins in Beijing on Tuesday to celebrate the Lunar New Year of Rat in January 2020, said the China Gold Coin Incorporation (CGCI) on its website.

The commemorative coins come in a rectangular set and a circular set. They will be sold both online and in physical stores of licensed dealers of the CGCI across the country.

The rectangle coins are in the shape of a popular Chinese character "xi," which means auspicious happiness and is widely used in weddings.

The pattern of the rectangle coins combines "xi," the image of a rat and other decorations which symbolize good luck.

The set of rectangle coins contains 17 pieces — six gold and eleven silver.

The set of circular coins contains 10 pieces — three gold, four silver and three copper.

The front of the circular coins features a rat, the Chinese character for rat, and "2020," as well as its purity and weight.


(Source: Xinhua)

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